Monday, January 25, 2016

A Royal Addition for the Home

Thank you for an amazing product and excellent service regarding the recent purchase I made for a copper Royale rain chain for my home. Living in the Midwest, we get our fair portion of rain and I was looking for something that would make good use of the rain but in a creative and efficient manner. A rain chain is the perfect missing piece that I was looking for. Since the Royale is considerably large in cup size, it was just the size I needed to handle the rain fall. This was the size I decided to purchase after speaking to the lady. She advised me to go with the largest cups they have available, which is the extra-large size. As per her advice, I made sure that my gutters were properly fitted and able to handle the rain chain. Once that passed, my rain chain was up just a short time later. It was pretty easy to install, no major work needed. In addition to the large cup size, the copper has a lovely weathered finish that gives it nice aged look. It is very thick and strong in quality and not flimsy at all. This is very important since I want these to hang from my home for a very long time. I’m pretty confident the rain chain will hold up for many years and that’s a reassurance I need. Its hanging just outside a small courtyard I have in the side of my home and it’s like an indulgence to go and sit outside and enjoy this during the rain storms. I have a lot of potted plants and flowers in that space so it all comes together so fittingly. I want to put a basin underneath so that it may serve as a birdbath since many birds gather around this area. It is definitely a design concept that can be used for any home and the price is worth it. I know it adds design value as well as utility for my home. You can’t go wrong with that. That is definitely a good investment and money well spent. Thanks again for a great product!