Friday, December 25, 2015

Kioshi Pure Copper Rain Chain

The Kioshi copper rain chain is a new introduction that possesses a Japanese charm and finesse characteristic of the dish like perimeter of the cups and long link sequence of the chain. The Kioshi is not your typical rain chain - it strikes a unique balance between the length of the long sequence of uniquely curved links and number of cups.  It offers a more visual demonstration as the cups are reduced in height and are wider in perimeter as well as a longer length of links in between giving you a visually enhanced experience of watching the rain fall travel down the length of the chain.  

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rain Chains Enhance Your Homes Natural Setting

A simple reason why rain chains popularity has grown in an unprecedented way is that homeowners simply want to enhance their homes natural setting using solid, organic materials in a wholly modern way crafted with integrity. Rain chains not only settle gutter efficiency but it introduces an idea quite unique in the world of home improvement and design. It takes a simple approach and makes modern design happen in a way that is a new discovery for many.  With Japanese style as the muse, rain chains have taken on a whole new meaning incorporating designs that resonates with minds and exude a maverick freshness. Rain chains are designed using a variation of hues including powder coated colors, copper tones with some exceptional highlighted patina colors that are punctuated by compelling silhouettes, voluptuous textures, shapes and architectural details that create a sophisticated sense of rhythm.  Each rain chain design becomes a personal message to each person who possesses one. It rings a message of truth, formalizes a vision, celebrates creativity, and validates our taste.
Taking the rugged look as an example, more often we see a convergence of sophistication and a rugged aesthetic. With a patterned series of geometric lines in natural material such as timber, it is a pleasing and welcoming sight to incorporate metals into the mix to give it a refined look. The contrast is striking, especially when joined with a copper metal such as the Monarch Lotus pure copper rain chain as you can see below. As a natural metal, its glossy texture provides a fresh and balanced look to offset and break up any monotonous and colorless patterns while enhancing the overall natural setting.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Rain chain anchoring stake a Great Addition to Rain Chain Accessories

Rain Chain Anchoring Stake  
Rain chains are fast gaining popularity worldwide and certain upcoming communities are making it mandatory for its residents to install a rain chain in place of an unattractive gutter downspout. The assorted cup and link style selection we show on our website gives our customer the option of choosing the perfect one which enhances the architectural accent of their home and at times our clients reach out to us to get our suggestions. We have been often asked how they can anchor the end of the rain chain to the ground, to prevent excessive swaying in the wind and perhaps eliminating the possible damage which may result from this. Time and again we have fielded this query, and realized we needed to fill this void and provide our customers with an option to address this.
Our design team developed a very functional rain chain anchoring stake for the aluminum rain chains as well as for copper rain chains. The swirl shaped heavy duty dark brown powder coated stake has a flat head to allow for a hammer to drive it into the ground or into bed rock or turf or grass – the options are unlimited. The swirl feature allows for better anchoring than the straight stake so we highly recommend the stake be carefully installed to ensure optimum functionality. The 12” copper loops attached to the stake are easy to attach to the last link of the rain chain, thereby anchoring it. We recommend the dark brown stake with copper links be paired with the copper rain chain.