Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rain Chains Enhance Your Homes Natural Setting

A simple reason why rain chains popularity has grown in an unprecedented way is that homeowners simply want to enhance their homes natural setting using solid, organic materials in a wholly modern way crafted with integrity. Rain chains not only settle gutter efficiency but it introduces an idea quite unique in the world of home improvement and design. It takes a simple approach and makes modern design happen in a way that is a new discovery for many.  With Japanese style as the muse, rain chains have taken on a whole new meaning incorporating designs that resonates with minds and exude a maverick freshness. Rain chains are designed using a variation of hues including powder coated colors, copper tones with some exceptional highlighted patina colors that are punctuated by compelling silhouettes, voluptuous textures, shapes and architectural details that create a sophisticated sense of rhythm.  Each rain chain design becomes a personal message to each person who possesses one. It rings a message of truth, formalizes a vision, celebrates creativity, and validates our taste.
Taking the rugged look as an example, more often we see a convergence of sophistication and a rugged aesthetic. With a patterned series of geometric lines in natural material such as timber, it is a pleasing and welcoming sight to incorporate metals into the mix to give it a refined look. The contrast is striking, especially when joined with a copper metal such as the Monarch Lotus pure copper rain chain as you can see below. As a natural metal, its glossy texture provides a fresh and balanced look to offset and break up any monotonous and colorless patterns while enhancing the overall natural setting.

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